Technical SEO Elements

Technical SEO Elements

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  1. Gerardo
    Gerardo at |

    Nice write up, bonus find! Nice to be able to see all the relevant SEO information needed to fine tune your site in an simple and effective infographic. Nothing worse then needing to trawl through pages to find relevant info. Thank you for posting.

  2. Partha Sarathi Dutta
    Partha Sarathi Dutta at |

    The untold fact.. utilize every bit of opportunity for improving usability and crawlability to enhance overall performance!


  3. Dawson
    Dawson at |

    Nice checklist, but I think you’ll find that *9 went awry. Ironic that some duplicate content shows up just above the “Duplicate Content Check” header. I’ll come back later to see how the info on the Alt tags was supposed to end. Other than that, thanks for the tips!

  4. Yusuf Özbay
    Yusuf Özbay at |

    I really appreciate it. I already know all of this, but you heve prepared as infographic form very nice. For SEO visibility really important these techniques.

  5. Kyle Alm
    Kyle Alm at |

    Great graphic! Surprised that OpenGraph & Twitter were so high ranked, but that is the direction things seem to be going.

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