The Rise of Cost-Per-Revenue Marketing

Redefining & Optimizing O2O (Online to Offline) with CPR

Offline enterprises have traditionally had an incredibly difficult time tracking the impact that their digital advertising spend produces but that is beginning to change.

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Early Stage Link Research, Analysis & Acquisition

Simply the Process of Link Building in SEO

Unless you’re a total search engine optimization newbie, you know that the secret to higher rankings for your website on the return lists rests predominantly on the number and quality of websites that “link” to your site and its pages.

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Advertising Viewability Data

Viewability Data From ComScore Brings Digital Ad Fraud in Focus

With ad fraud remaining a top concern for digital advertisers, comScore has announced it will be offering a free viewability measurement tool that will enable digital media buyers and sellers to measure the metric across display, video, and mobile inventory.

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Native Ads Threaten Goog & FB Revenues

The Biggest Threat to Google & Facebook Revenues

Ask any digital advertising professional which platforms receive the bulk of their promotional budget and they’ll likely be quick to tell you Google and Facebook. That could begin to change however as both advertisers and publishers embrace native advertising.

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DAM Plugin for WordPress

Digital Asset Management for the WordPress CMS

Digital asset management (DAM) software Mediavalet announced an integration with web content management system WordPress this month.

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The Impact of SSL on Google Rankings

Don’t Buy Into the SEO Hype Around HTTPS & SSL

The adoption and integration of an SSL certification does not guarantee an improvement in search result rankings.

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The Pillars of On-Page SEO

On-Page SEO Action Guide

Three pillars of on-page search engine optimization for local small businesses.

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Get Verified on 6 Social Networks

Simplify social media management

Verify your profile on these six essential networks.

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104 Mobile Marketing Facts

Mobile device use, growth and development

An infographic on the significant impact of “mobile” on on the digital business landscape.

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Yet Another Headless CMS?

Oracle’s Content Hub in Focus

Website Magazine speaks with ORacle ahead of the launch of its Content and Experience Cloud.

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