Google Attribution Project for Adwords, Analytics

The Day That Last-Click Attribution Die

Google has announced a new product that may once and for all put an end to the practice of last-click attribution, or the practice of assigning more value to users’ very last activity (like clicking on a search ad) before conversion.

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Progressive Web Apps

Progressive Web App Tech in Focus

Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are poised to be quite the disruptive force in mobile. Website Magazine covered the trend toward the use of PWA’s in its upcoming June 2017 issue and highlighted what makes the technology so interesting.

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Ads at the Speed of AMP

Accelerating Digital Advertising Delivery with Google’s AMP

Google is taking its quest for a faster Web to the realm of digital advertising. In addition to launching a new AdWords beta that lets advertisers use AMP pages as the landing pages for their search ads, Google announced that AdWords will be speeding up the ads served across the entire Google Display Network with AMP technology.

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IFTTT Applets for All!

IFTTT Enables Makers to Build Their Own Applets

IFTTT, a platform that enables anyone to create custom, conditional interactions between popular apps, online services, and devices, will begin enabling individual developers to build and publish their own applets for others to use.

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Conversational Conversion

Connecting with Consumers Outside the Purchase Experience

It’s not been easy for offline brands to take advantage of the power of the digital experience but that’s beginning to change. Users of “conversational conversion” and engagement loyalty solution Chirpify, for example, will now be able to integrate the technology into their mobile applications.

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Walmart's Impressive Q1 Growth in Focus

What’s Really Behind Walmart’s E-Commerce Growth?

Amazon remains the most dominant force in e-commerce today, but Walmart is not going to just sit on the virtual sidelines. The retailer is poised to become a real threat to Amazon, with its online sale growing a whopping 63 percent during the first quarter of 2017.

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How to Ruin a Search Optimization Campaign

4 Ways to Kill the ROI of SEO

Have you ever hired an SEO company only to end up 12 months into a campaign without any clear signs of success? Chances are you may have found yourself in this scenario a time or two. The worst part by far – not knowing what caused your campaign to yield less than desirable results. Today, we are going to look at four common reasons why SEO campaigns fail and what you can do to avoid failure.

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Using Heatmaps to Understand Interaction

Click, Click: Top Heatmap Solutions to Consider

Calls-to-action (CTAs) are a critical element of any marketing material – be it landing page, email or banner ad – but ‘buttons’ that do not get clicked do little for a company’s conversion optimization efforts.

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Optimal Uses of Cinemagraphs

Using Cinemagraphs in Website Design

In the world of Web design, many design trends come and go, but occasionally some stick around for the long haul. Trends such as prominent call-to-action buttons and emphasis on scrolling became more than just trends; they redefined what the components of great Web design are and now are common features on almost every website today.

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More Publishers & Merchants Using Affiliate Marketing

Increased Usage of Affiliate Marketing by Publishers & Merchants

Content monetization platform and performance marketing network Viglink just released findings of its state of affiliate marketing survey and all signed point to increase usage for both publishers and merchants.

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