12 Important Ways to Build Brand Advocates

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  1. Jack
    Jack at |

    Agree 100% with all of these points. Brand advocates have been the primary source of business not just with my agency, but even years ago when I was just starting out freelancing (though I wasn’t aware of that term that back then). I think a lot of web agencies AND freelancers, at least the ones in our local area (South Florida) would see greater success if they would focus on building great relationships and looking to cultivate brand advocates rather than going for sheer quantity of clients. Their clients often end up saying “thanks” and then not referring them any more business. On the contrary, they usually end up looking for another web designer because they didn’t have a notably positive feeling with their former designer/company.

    Then again, I guess those kind of super-common “I wasn’t satisfied with my last web person, can you guys do better?” anti-referrals have been another good source of new business for us. Great graphic! “Saved to desktop” 🙂

  2. Matt O'Gara
    Matt O'Gara at |

    Great graphic. One to keep and refer to often. I’d like to see some more info on planning everyday marketing/engagement. I tend to do it in bursts. Any tips?

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